Ammit MTL RDA (Geekvape) INDIA
Ammit MTL RDA (Geekvape) INDIA

Ammit MTL RDA (Geekvape) INDIA

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Name: Ammit MTL RDA (Geekvape) – Atomizer – received by Senza Filtro

Type: RDA atomizer (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) with BF pin

Colors: Stainless Steel, Gold, BlueRainbow, Black, Gunmetal, Violet

Price: ~ € 35

Also Geekvape engages in an MTL atomizer, the AMMIT 22 mm con pin BF

At its beginning the vaping was just “mouth to lung” … Today, after a more or less long phase in which the players of the sector have challenged themselves to the sound of watt and “ultra-pulmonary” atomizers, the mouth to lung vape is back in auge, and all, but really all the major hardware manufacturers of the world, have started to realize a multitude of rebuildable or not atomizers, from the closed or partially open air shot, to be used at moderately low wattages. We are talking about the MTL atomizers, acronym which stands for “mouth to lung”.

Today we are closely observing the atomizer Ammit MTL RDA manufactured by Geekvape, which has been on the market for some months now, and which has already enjoyed excellent commercial success. This is an RDA atomizer equipped with a BF pin.

By the way do you know what Ammit means? It is a mythological creature of the ancient Egyptians, from the monstrous aspect since his body is a mix between the head of a crocodile, the central body of a lion and the back of a hippopotamus. Oh my God, what a fear!

After this very short historical-mythological excursus, we return to us and begin to closely observe the contents of the packaging of our product.


1 x Ammit MTL RDA
1 x Stainless steel drip tip
1 x 2mm Delrin Drip tip
1 x Allen Key
1 x Spare parts pack
1 x air reducer
2 x Clapton coil (0.7ohm)
1 x 510 Pin BF
1 x User Manual

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The Ammit MTL RDA is a stainless steel atomizer (with the exception of two drip tips supplied), and has a singular slightly rounded shape, almost a barrel line with the Ammit creature’s head clearly visible in the foreground. The Air flow control is positioned on the upper part of the atomizer immediately after a slight narrowing of its central body.

The build quality of this product is excellent; there are no metal working smears and the O-rings work perfectly with the steel parts, opposing the right resistance; this means that firstly the air flow control is fluid and precise, and that even the removal of the top cap (for dripping or for a new coil building) is easy and smooth. Chinese manufacturers have now accustomed us to rather high quality standards.

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Let’s now take a look at the main features of the atomizer before dwelling on some of its peculiarities.

The Ammit MTL RDA is a single coil atomizer with a diameter of 22 mm (20.6 mm at the top where are placed the air holes) for a height of 38.3 mm including the main drip tip with the delrin beak. The total weight is about 44 gr. The drip tip supplied are three, two with a stainless steel base and a delrin beak with a hole diameter of 3 mm (main drip tip) and 2 mm respectively, and a third stainless steel drip tip (the highest of the three with its 18 mm ) with a 3 mm hole.

The atomizer completely disassembled consists of 3 parts, the deck, the top cap and the drip tip. The most interesting novelties of this Ammit reside in its particular round of air and in the diffusion of the same.

ammit deck

The appearance of the deck and the solutions adopted are interesting. In fact, the top cap has a dual layer structure, it has a sort of double internal chamber with a gap between the two structures along which the incoming air will run from the holes in the upper part of the top cap itself. The air will descend along this cavity to channel into two slots on the lower part of the deck, and flow out from three different holes, a frontal one, on the back and immediately below the coil. The air adjustment possibilities are 12 and there is also the possibility of using an air reducer (supplied) to further reduce the air intake placed under the coil. Although this reducer may seem inefficient, as the air comes out of several points, I personally found a significant improvement in terms of contrasted puff using this reducer provided by Geekvape. The air adjustment holes on the top cap can be used both individually and in multiple mode for a total of 12 possible combinations, as mentioned earlier. The dimensions of the holes are as follows: 0.8 mm – 1.0 – 1.2 – 1.5 – 2.0 mm.

The air flow system is a top to bottom system that makes the atomizer absolutely leak proof, and this is certainly a very positive aspect of Geekvape’s “creature”.

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The installation of the coil inside the deck is very easy even for those who are not so familiar with rebuildable systems. The coil must be made with the legs that come out on the same side, to place them on the deck (a classic dual post) in the corresponding slots; once the small cross-head screws are tightened, a slight adjustment of its height will suffice, positioning it exactly at the intersection of the virtual air path lines from its three holes. If the positioning of the coil is very simple, the wicking is even more so! The deep juice where the cotton mustache must lie down are large and deep (capacity of about 2 ml), just insert them paying attention only so that they are not too short and touch on the bottom of the deck. Once you took the appropriate measures, everything will be a breeze!

The only small drawback of this phase concerns the initialization of the cotton. Without the top cap inserted you can see how it is quite simple to over-squonking by letting the e-liquid escape from the air holes on the deck. This problem is totally marginal with top cap inserted and especially if you use the Ammit in squonk configuration, because even in case of over-squonking you will never see a single e-liquid drop out of this atomizer.

GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA Airflow


Here we are at the crucial point of our analysis, the point that most interests our readers: the performances and the aromatic yield of the atomizer. Although the Ammit MTL RDA is in effect a dripping atomizer, we decided to test this product with the bottom feeder pin, focusing in depth on its performance with different types of e-liquids and specifically with different natural tobacco extracts. Maybe you now that here in Italy we are absolute leaders in the production of n.e.t. tobacco e-juices!

Before focusing on its tobacco rendering, I take a moment on some more general considerations about the performance of this atom. The Ammit is able to behave admirably in a range of vaping that goes from the MTL pure with very closed puff (14-18 watts) to a more airy puff throw (18-22 watts beyond which it begins to warm up a bit too much). The atomizer has a very linear and very silent shot, and produces a copious steam (to be an MTL) and rather humid. These characteristics mean that its aromatic yield tends to emphasize the roundness and sweet notes of the e-liquids making it to the best with creamy e-liquid and very sweet fruitiness. The possible combinations of air regulation and also the choice between three different drip tip, are able to satisfy the most varied palates. The Flavourist has found optimal the combination of 1.2 mm hole or two holes (0.8 and 1.0 mm) with the stainless steel drip tip for a pure MTL, while for a more airy vape (flavor chasing) we found ourselves particularly at ease with the wider tip in delrin and the use of all open air holes.

So let’s move on to its behavior with organic tobacco. With single, clear, light and smooth tobaccos, it gives back a high-quality aroma, no doubt about it. Even with medium-intensity tobacco blends, the Ammit manages well and it doesn’t lose the many aromatic nuances that compose a blend. For what has been said before, we can understand how the atom has the tendency to round and compact the aromatic spectrum of a tobacco and this penalizes it a bit with dark tobaccos blends; this type of tobacco is not in its DNA, but even with the fire cured blends it reaches a vote of full sufficiency.

Finally, a note of merit and absolute excellence should be conferred for its performance with the flavored tobaccos, especially with creamy flavored, with which it reaches an unsuspected aromatic yield levels especially because this is not a high end product.

Here we have opportunely avoided to indicate the products with which the atom was tested, but if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Ammit MTL RDA atomizer is a very successful and it’s a product that performs better than its competitors for price range and product type. Maybe esthetically it will not be one of the most beautiful on the market, but for sure it is a very well-made product, well-made and with really satisfying performances.

Sometimes behind a small atomizer hides great satisfactions…