Bad Blood Nic Salt 30ml 35MG &50MG

Bad Blood Nic Salt 30ml 35MG &50MG

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Nasty Bad Blood – Salt Nic

This blackcurrant e-juice from Nasty Salt series is one of the most favoured flavour because it not only has that amazing tang of blackcurrant but also the aftertaste of mint that leaves your mouth fresh and cool. Even though you might have never tasted a flavour like this before It’ll have your taste buds begging for more and more.

When you first take a pull, you are going to taste the blackcurrant fruit that is going to give you this earthy flavor. You are going to get several floral aromas and a couple tart hints that are going to be potent and flavorful. This might be a fruit you do not come across by often, but you are going to enjoy the unique taste that this salt?e liquid?is going to give you.

Now, don?t get mistaken by the underlying mint flavour of the Bad Blood Nicotine Salt! The coolness of mint doesn?t overpower the real star, which is the blackcurrant.