Nasty Juice Modmate Mango Ice , 3MG

Nasty Juice Modmate Mango Ice , 3MG

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Cool off with a refreshing blast of icy mint and tropical fruit flavor with this Mango Ice Nasty Modmate 60ml. With a bright and uplifting inhale of succulent mango, tart black currant, and electric pineapple, this Mango Ice Vape Juice delivers a cool and icy mint exhale that clears the palate and leaves your taste buds feeling refreshed and invigorated. Luscious, sweet, and bold, fans describe this Mango Ice Vape Juice as an ideal all-day vape that is always satisfying and never loses its flavor over timE



Package Contents Include: 

  • 1 x 60ml bottle of Mango Ice Nasty Modmate E-Liquids

VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Mango, Menthol