Nasty Juice PODMATE Nic Salts - Red Rage

Nasty Juice PODMATE Nic Salts - Red Rage

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Red Rage nic salt by Nasty Juice Podmate is a bubbly blend of mixed fruits and energy drink. You’ll get bold mixed fruit flavours on the inhale, followed by a fizzy energy drink profile on the exhale.
Nasty Juice Podmate e-liquids are designed for low powered mouth to lung devices. Nic salts deliver a higher level of nicotine that are also more readily absorbed meaning you can keep those cravings at bay. They have the added bonus of a mild throat hit and still providing the exceptional flavour you expect from this brand.


– Quantity: 30mL

– Nicotine content: 35mg/mL and 50mg/mL

– Ratio: VG50/PG50